Funny Taco Shirts – Taco Tuesday Apparel And Gifts

When people hear Taco Tuesday, I think they get excited. I mean, a day to eat tacos, yum! Not that I need a certain day to eat tacos as there are so many different varieties that you could really eat them every day.

I even like breakfast tacos! Any excuse to eat Pico De Gallo and homemade salsa!

For a few years, I would go to Taco Tuesday with two of my close girlfriends every week. I mean I never missed a week! To me, Taco Tuesday is not just about the tacos but having a special day to connect during the week to catch up with your friends ( of course the tacos were good too)!


So where exactly did Taco Tuesday start?

According to Wikipedia, Taco Tuesday dates back to 1982 when it was first trademarked.

No matter when it started, I think most people love tacos and they love to wear taco Tuesday apparel that includes funny taco shirts.

Once I did some research and found how many funny taco shirts there are I had to write about them. Did I mention that taco Tuesday apparel makes great gifts as well?

Funny Taco Shirts

Several Styles and Colors Available

Most of the taco shirt designs below are available in women’s and men’s sizes, and some are available in youth sizes as well. Many of these funny taco t-shirts come in other styles including hoodies, sweatshirts, and long-sleeve tees.






Taco Tuesday Apparel And Gifts

There are so many different Taco Tuesday shirts available but maybe you are looking for something other than taco t-shirts?

There are all different kinds of taco apparel and gifts that would be fun to add to your taco collection or to give as a gift to any taco lover.


Taco Themed Gifts


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